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January 3, 2016

Local Moves, from Tualatin to West Covina


January 3, 2016

Labor Only


January 3, 2016

Local Moves, from Torrance to Hermosa Beach

My experience with Royal Moving Company was great. They were very respectful, professional and quick. They worked hard to ensure my belongings traveled safely to their new...


January 3, 2016

Plastic Boxes


January 2, 2016

Local Moves, from Kenmore to West Linn


January 2, 2016

Local Moves, from Bothell to Sammamish


January 1, 2016

Local Moves, Irvine

I recommend them full hardheartedly. Best experience with a moving company I ever had. They provided me with excellent service.They arrived within their window of time and immediately began wrapping my furniture. Then they even repacked by stuff, just to make sure nothing was damaged. I was impressed. They handled all my belongings with care. The move was only an hour away, so when we arrived at my new home, they immediately started unloading. One of my mattresses could not be carried up the stairs so the guys had to lift it through the second story window, which was unexpected. Everything was handled with extreme care. All my boxes and furniture were placed in the correct room, so I was ready to start unpacking. No damage was done to a single item. I never knew moving can be so pleasant, but after experiencing a move done by Royal Moving Van Lines, I know it is possible.


January 1, 2016

Long Distance

They helped a gal in need!! Best price I found and very friendly, up front and accommodating.Keeping there info if ever needed again! Thank you!


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