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Local Moves, from Glendale to Carson
Royal took great care from the preparation to the transportation. They were polite throughout, and I paid exactly what was I quoted.
Local Moves, from Holmby Hills to Culver City
The Royal Moving team arrived promptly, handled everything with care, and were extremely polite and respectful.
Local Moves, from Hidden Hills to Hancock Park
Don't hesitate to use this company for your move. Everything worked out perfectly.
Local Moves, from Hancock Park to Canoga Park
The best move I have had in my long lifetime. Thank you, Royal Moving from the bottom of my heart!
Local Moves, from Glendale to Canoga Park
Solid 5 stars! Royal was on time, were 100% pros, and they followed my specific instructions without any complaints.
Local Moves, from Larchmont to Fullerton
Every one of the guys on the Royal team acted like it was their own company they were representing. Very impressive!
Local Moves, from Hawthorne to Costa Mesa
If you are looking for a moving company with a professional team, dedicated moving staff, and an overall great experience I would highly recommend Royal.
Local Moves, from Rancho Palos Verdes to Culver City
I was extremely pleased with Royal Moving. They did a great job with correspondence and explaining rates and rules, and they kept every promise.
Local Moves, from Holmby Hills to Carson
All I can truly say without overstating a thing, hire Royal because they are the best!
Local Moves, from El Segundo to Anaheim
I could not be happier with how they handed my move.
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