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Nickie L.

October 24, 2019

Local Moves, from Renton to Vancouver

We scheduled movers that didn't show up and tried to blame it on the rain. We immediately started searching for another moving company and thank goodness we found RMC! These guys were honest, efficient, on time, and fabulous! They brought in industrial strength Saran Wrap and blankets to cover our furniture and appliances. They even had wardrobe boxes for us to pile on clothes and shoe boxes---this is a major plus!!! These boxes were free of charge to borrow and I was beyond thankful for them! These guys were hard working and moved quickly. There was never a time where I felt that they weren't careful with our items or deliberately trying to run up the clock. We loved RMC so much, that we even had them move some furniture up to Santa Barbara for our brother! We are getting ready to move again soon, and will be sure to contact RMC!!!


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