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Melissa Collins

October 28, 2022

I'm so impressed with Royal Moving's service during our recent office relocation. They were thorough, professional, and incredibly efficient. The team managed to pack up our entire office, carefully labeling everything, which made unpacking so much easier. Despite our new location having a narrow elevator and a complicated layout, they navigated everything without a problem. I was amazed at their attention to detail and how they carefully planned to ensure minimal disruption to our business. A special thanks to the team leader who went above and beyond to address any concerns we had, providing us with peace of mind. I cannot recommend Royal Moving enough for their excellent service!

Brad Wilson

October 14, 2022

Used Royal Moving for a local move - the team was punctual, polite, and super efficient. They moved all my stuff carefully and the entire process was hassle-free. Thanks, guys!

Lily Turner

October 3, 2022

Quick shout out to Royal Moving! Moved my studio with them and it was stress-free. They navigated tight spaces like a breeze. Thumbs up!

Nina Robinson

September 30, 2022

I want to share my experience with Royal Moving during our recent long-distance move. Moving is inherently stressful, but the team made it a pleasant experience. They were punctual, incredibly polite, and professional. They took care of every detail, ensuring everything was packed properly, and took extra care with our fragile items. One incident that truly stood out was when we realized we had underestimated the number of boxes we had. The team quickly adjusted and accommodated everything efficiently. The way they problem-solved and adapted to the situation was commendable. A big thanks to Royal Moving for making our move a breeze!

Roger Allen

September 20, 2022

Had to store some stuff while moving, and Royal Moving provided a seamless experience. The storage was clean, secure, and the staff was very helpful. Thanks, team!

Samantha Clark

September 14, 2022

Moved my apartment with Royal Moving - prompt, efficient, and super friendly. Would definitely recommend!

Brian Peterson

September 9, 2022

When my business needed to relocate, I was worried about the downtime and the potential loss. Royal Moving and Storage stepped in and changed my whole perception about the moving process. They provided packing supplies, packed everything with precision, and transported it safely to our new location. They even helped us set up at the new place, making the transition as smooth as possible. The team was incredibly professional, polite, and efficient. They navigated through narrow hallways and tight elevators like pros, ensuring everything was done within the promised timeframe. A huge thank you to the Royal Moving team for making this move successful!

Karen Smith

August 24, 2022

I hired Royal Moving to help with my house relocation, and I was so impressed. They handled everything with great care and were incredibly friendly. Even my precious antique mirror was moved without a scratch. Thanks a ton!


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