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Westwood Movers from Royal moved all our furniture without damaging or losing it.
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Moving to another city was challenging, but Royal did everything for us.
Local Moves, from Paramount to Westwood
Paramount Movers from Royal moving were very accurate and friendly.
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I’m so delighted with the process of our move. Royal co are simply the best.
Local Moves, Westwood
Everyone should be so fortunate to get a great moving experience. Choose Royal! If you are moving, Royal is the company to use. They are professional, responsive, friendly and committed to building a stellar reputation.
Local Moves, Westwood
The Royal movers disassembled furniture, moved it to the house, reassembled it, and loaded my storage pod, with ease and efficiency. What a blessing!
Local Moves, from Westwood to Troutdale
Couldn't be happier with Royal and the guys. They became like family over the past two days of moving!
Local Moves, from El Segundo to Westwood
Great company! I have used Royal 4 times moving, and they are now my extended family.
Local Moves, from Gardena to Westwood
Royal was absolutely amazing and the team worked their butts off!
Local Moves, from Westwood to Westlake
Royal’s rate were awesome, and was super pleased with their work. Highly recommend!!
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