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Local Moves, from Camas to Westwood
I want to express my gratitude to Royal Moving company: they did their best for making my move fast and flawless.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Glendale
Royal Moving co rocked my move and saved me several days. Their team is truly professional and efficient. Guys pack stuff in the safest manner.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Camas
The guys from Royal Moving co are true professionals: they know how to make your move quick and efficient.
Local Moves
Royal Moving organization is the best decision when need a simple and flawless move.
Local Moves, from Tualatin to Westwood
The cost of Royal moving services is completely advocated by how they treat your things.
Local Moves
I just arranged storage in Royal, and everything was incredible. Will move with their crew when the opportunity appears.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Shoreline
An ideal solution for the individuals who need assistance with moving huge amounts of their things.
Local Moves, from Westwood to El Segundo
I can't envision having stuffed 31 boxes without Pasadena movers from Royal.
Local Moves, from Redmond to Westwood
Thank you such a great amount for helping us deal with such a lot of stuff.
Local Moves
I didn't have the foggiest idea about that moving services can be so useful until I started working with Royal company.
Local Moves
I would prefer not to work with any other individual since I tried Royal Moving organization. They're the best.
Local Moves, from South Gate to Westwood
Without Royal Moving co, this move would take until the end of time. Much thanks!
Local Moves
We moved a large number of miles from our home - taking all the things with us would be unimaginable without Royal Moving.
Local Moves
Together with Westwood Movers we packed such a huge number of things in such a brief timeframe. Incredible!
Local Moves
I am astonished by how proficient your crew is.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Thousand Oaks
Together with the crew of Thousand Oaks Movers, our packing took a couple of hours and our move was 100% successful.
Local Moves, from Torrance to Westwood
I am 100% satisfied with your services. So professional!
Local Moves, from Calabasas to Westwood
The cost of Hollywood Movers from Royal is moderate, but their help is priceless!
Local Moves, from Westwood to Monrovia
My move to California was stressful. This time, I worked with Royal and enjoyed every moment of the process.
Local Moves
Westwood Movers from Royal moved all our furniture without damaging or losing it.
Local Moves
Moving to another city was challenging, but Royal did everything for us.
Local Moves, from Paramount to Westwood
Paramount Movers from Royal moving were very accurate and friendly.
Local Moves
I’m so delighted with the process of our move. Royal co are simply the best.
Local Moves, Westwood
Everyone should be so fortunate to get a great moving experience. Choose Royal! If you are moving, Royal is the company to use. They are professional, responsive, friendly and committed to building a stellar reputation.
Local Moves, Westwood
The Royal movers disassembled furniture, moved it to the house, reassembled it, and loaded my storage pod, with ease and efficiency. What a blessing!
Local Moves, from Westwood to Troutdale
Couldn't be happier with Royal and the guys. They became like family over the past two days of moving!
Local Moves, from El Segundo to Westwood
Great company! I have used Royal 4 times moving, and they are now my extended family.
Local Moves
Royal was absolutely amazing and the team worked their butts off!
Local Moves, from Westwood to Westlake
Royal’s rate were awesome, and was super pleased with their work. Highly recommend!!
Local Moves, from Chatsworth to Westwood
I've use Royal Moving for two different moves and I will use them again! They have a super staff that rocks!
Local Moves, Westwood
When Royal was finished moving my belongings, the bill ended up being LESS than what some of the flat rate guys were quoting me. The rate was incredible, especially given the quality of the work this crew did!
Local Moves, from Rancho Palos Verdes to Westwood
I had such a good experience with Royal Moving. I cherish my belongings, and Royal gave them the ROYAL treatment!
Local Moves, from Westwood to Glendale
Royal was great. The movers accommodated all of my request and pulled off a perfect move.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Manhattan Beach
I moved locally to Manhattan Beach, and Royal did a fantastic job. Punctual, very efficient, very careful and courteous.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Culver City
Royal Moving did an awesome job! No hidden fees and fair pricing.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Larchmont
I picked Royal Moving based on their high reviews, and I'm so glad I did!
Local Moves, from Westwood to Glendale
Can't be beat. On time. Quick and efficient. No damage. Definitely will use Royal again!
Local Moves, from Santa Fe Springs to Westwood
Impressed with the excellent communication and the excellent service. This moving company came to me through word of mouth from someone who has used them again and again. Polite, punctual and helpful. Moving doesn’t come better than this.
Long Distance, from Westwood to Culver City
Royal Moving moved us across town recently. This was the 4th time we've had their help (have also previously arranged for moves for elderly family members) and they've consistenty lived up to their name. This time, Louis, Julio, Francisco and Brandon were our moving team. Our new house has a narrow stairway to the basement that made more difficult by being located off a narrow hallway. Louis and his crew managed to almost magically get a full reclining sofa and a round topped table into our basement without so much as a scratch anywhere. We would'nt have believed it possible if we hadn't seen it with our own eyes. Although I doubt it felt "magical" to Louis et al, they were gracious, determined and professional at every turn. We'll always call Royal Moving anytime we need moving assistance. Can't say enough great things about them. Also - due to multiple changes re: our seller's moving company, we had to reschedule with Royal Moving several times - and it was around a holiday to add to the complications. They never batted an eye and simply said "no problem" every time.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Renton
Local Moves, from Tigard to Westwood
Andrew and his team are extremely friendly and professional. They made our move extremely smooth and we really appreciate it because we couldn't do it ourselves. Thank you guys for being so professional and helping us out.
Local Moves, Westwood
Labor Only, from Westwood to Venice
Local Moves, Westwood
Super job by Mardo and Carlos. Moved from a 3D floor apartment to our house. Guys showed up on time and ready to work. Quickly moved our furniture and boxes. Wrapped everything! Great job!!! Really appreciate 'Royal Moving' being able to help us with little notice. Will definitely use them again!
Local Moves, Westwood
Royal Moving movers, Erik and Fredy are guys we could adopt. (Just kidding) they understand how to move big furniture and fit it through tight spots without touching walls or door frames. They don't waste time; get right to it. At the same time they are polite, conversational, and great to work with. Thanks to them for doing a tough job for us.
Local Moves, from Beverly Hills to Westwood
These guys were amazing I highly recommend them. They showed up on time and were professional. They are also reasonably priced.
Labor Only, from Westwood to Beaverton
The best movers in town. There price is very reasonable, not too mention their staff is very friendly! Thank you for making my move stress free! :)
Local Moves, from Battle Ground to Westwood
Best movers I ever worked with. There is nothing I dread more than moving, but these guys actually made both of my moves (one an office, and one an apartment) easy. The owner is as professional as they come, the movers are courteous and good-natured, and both moves were stress-free.
Long Distance, from Brentwood to Westwood
These guys were extremely helpful! Even though I couldn't get the small trailer I booked, they helped me unload my motorcycle off my hitch mount and into a trailer in 100+ degree heat.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Washougal
I just wanted to say thank you for the best moving experience I've ever had. They were right on time. Worked efficiently and nothing got dirty or had any scratches. The workers were wonderful. I'll never use another company again.
Commercial, from Westwood to Santa Monica
I hired Royal Moving for a local move across town. The actual moving crew was phenomenal. Disassembled and reassembled furniture quickly and expertly and beat their own time estimate by over an hour. The guys showed up on time and worked hard. They were friendly and asked questions to make sure the furniture was where and how I wanted it, and they were very careful with both my home and my furniture. On the other hand, my experience with the office was ok. Phone conversations trying to schedule an in-home estimate were discombobulated - I was pleasantly surprised when someone actually showed up - and for some reason it took a couple of days before they could track down the estimate that had been compiled and email it to me. Then, I received a call the day before the scheduled move asking if I could push the move back a day. Apparently, they had just realized they didn't have any suitable trucks available. It actually worked out fine for me, as it pushed the move back to a Saturday and we just missed out on having another weekend day to unpack, but I would understand how a last-minute request like that could really stress some people out or mess up their plans. Moving can be a very stressful process, and working up to the day of the move with Royal Moving added to this stress a bit, but overall, the professionalism and skill of the movers more than made up for it. I was nervous and unsure I had made the right decision right up until the movers arrived, but in the end I was very satisfied with the quality of the work.
Local Moves, from West Linn to Westwood
Local Moves, from Lakewood to Westwood
Plastic Boxes, from Orange County to Westwood
They showed up on time and were extremely courteous. Wrapped all the furniture and moved everything very carefully. Worked quickly and efficiently. This was my first time using a movers and I would definitely use this company again. Highly recommend.
Local Moves, Westwood
My move this am couldn't have gone any smoother. Thank you for the great job and taking care of my furniture!!! I highly recommend siren moving company!!!!
Plastic Boxes, from Westwood to Glendale
Royal Moving Company moving sent out three very strong guys (George, Montrell, & Sydney) to pack up our UHaul. They did a great job! They were very hardworking and made...
Local Moves, from Westwood to Hillsboro
Local Moves, from Westwood to Vancouver
Local Moves, from Lake Forest Park to Westwood
Best movers around! Mario, Adrian, and Jimmy were extremely efficient with how they moved and the time used. Nothing was scratched or broken. I have used Royal Moving Inc. twice now and they are second to none. From the quote until the move is complete, this company is flawless. I would definitely use them again.
Local Moves
The movers were on time, and called the day before and morning of the move. The movers were quick and respectful of our property. They covered doorways and used runners all over. Very satisfied!
Local Moves, from Hawthorne to Westwood
Local Moves, Westwood
Local Moves, from Manhattan Beach to Westwood
Local Moves, from Brentwood to Westwood
Local Moves, from Hidden Hills to Westwood
I had an excellent experience with this company. They were timely, great customer service, and pricing was great. The movers themselves were extremely polite. They went above and beyond. They were even very patient with my preschool age children who kept running underfoot. I will definitely use them in the future.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Pasadena
I have to say the 3 gentlemen that packed and moved all my belongings were very professional and polite.
Local Moves, Westwood
Local Moves, Westwood
Local Moves, from Westwood to Lake Forest Park
They are very reliable and customer service friendly. Fast and safe . The back office and some accounting questions for me on the final bill and they resolved it satisfactory.
Plastic Boxes, from Westwood to Bothell
my move was completed in a timely manner with courtesy and great care.
Local Moves, from Huntington Beach to Westwood
I had a good experience with this company. I read the other reviews and I made sure I understood all of the pricing details. All of the extra costs come up if you do the "flat price" for your 1 bedroom or what have you. I used the by-the-hour service which ended up being significantly cheaper and simpler. The guys were really nice and did a great job carrying our many boxes between two third-floor apartments.
Labor Only, from Westwood to Venice
Prompt! We were given a time frame of 1-5 pm and they arrived at 107 pm. Excellent, now we can enjoy the rest of our weekend. Highly recommend hiring this company!
Local Moves, from Westwood to Wood Village
Local Moves, from Westwood to Wood Village
Local Moves, Westwood
Local Moves, Westwood
Best movers ever. Very careful with antiques and very trustworthy. I would use them every time.
Long Distance, from Westwood to Hawthorne
I had an excellent move with Royal Moving Van Lines, and would recommend the company to anyone. I was moving from D.C. to NY very last minute. I was overwhelmed with the expensive quotes I was receiving. Finally I called Royal Moving and they offered a very reasonable price to move my car and my furniture. Vlad was able to have his movers come two days from my call. The movers were very professional and polite. They carefully wrapped the items that I couldn't box (my paintings and wine glasses). Vlad was able to have them drop everything off at my new apartment in NY the next morning! Such an incredible turn-around for an interstate move. Vlad and his assistant took care to put together my platform bed and dining room table. They also helped me move my couches and bed until I decided where I wanted them. Vlad and his team helped make this move as smooth as stress-free as possible.
Local Moves, Westwood
Local Moves, from Pacific Palisades to Westwood
Local Moves, from Westwood to Long Beach
A+++ Service!!! I booked a two man crew and they were awesome. Efficient, hard working and courteous. I will definitely use them again!!!
Plastic Boxes, from Beaverton to Westwood
These guys were excellent. They came on short notice, were reasonably priced and did a great job. Nathan and his guys showed up on time, made good use of time and carefully and professionally moved our home. We absolutely will use them again if we move and I highly recommend their services.
Local Moves, Westwood
Local Moves, from Westwood to Calabasas
Very careful, quick and friendly. Really made moving so much easier! Highly recommend
Plastic Boxes, from Clyde Hill to Westwood
Royal Moving did an awesome job relocating all of my items to my new home. Everything stayed in perfect condition. I definitely suggest using them if you plan on moving soon.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Marina Del Rey

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