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Thanks to Westlake Movers from Royal we packed tons of stuff in a jiffy.
Local Moves, from Westlake to Costa Mesa
Royal Moving came through for me in a pinch when the company I hired failed to show up on the day of my move. Perfect experience!
Local Moves, from Westwood to Westlake
Royal’s rate were awesome, and was super pleased with their work. Highly recommend!!
Local Moves, Westlake
Royal did an awesome job. They were very professional and efficiently packed my belongings one week and moved it into my new house in Westlake the following week.
Local Moves, Westlake
I could not be any happier than my choice to use Royal Moving!
Local Moves, Westlake
True blue customer service at its best! Thanks Royal!
Local Moves, from Westlake to Walnut
Royal saved us from a bad situation on a moving day without taking advantage of us.
Local Moves, Westlake
Royal is consistently professional and efficient. I have never had any damage or loss when using them.

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