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Local Moves, from Washougal to Studio City
Thanks to Royal Moving co, my family finished a stressful move within a couple of days. That’s awesome!
Local Moves, from Washougal to La Verne
If you don’t know how to organize your move quickly and efficiently, don’t hesitate to contact Royal Moving co: they will do their best to help you.
Local Moves, from Washougal to El Monte
I want to express my gratitude to El Monte Movers: their help is impossible to overestimate. I will recommend Royal Moving company to all my friends – you deserve that!
Local Moves, from San Pedro to Washougal
Your help with move is worth every single dollar I paid! So thankful to your expert team of movers.
Local Moves, from Washougal to West Covina
Your crew spared us so much time. We're thankful.
Local Moves
Our move took just a couple of days with Royal Moving co. You've made the impossible, folks!
Local Moves
Can't believe we moved to another finish of California in under about fourteen days
Local Moves, from Washougal to El Segundo
Thanks for moving such a significant number of things in complete security. You spared us many dollars on furniture and stuff.
Local Moves
Excellent moving services, friendly crew, proficient approach. I'm delighted!
Local Moves
Excellent moving services, friendly crew, proficient approach. I'm delighted!
Local Moves, from Washougal to Glendora
Your team saved us so much time. We’re grateful.
Local Moves
A perfect choice for those who need help with moving tons of their items.
Local Moves, from Washougal to Edmonds
We needed a place for temporary storage. Baldwin Park Movers packed and transported our stuff in a timely manner.
Local Moves, from Washougal to Kirkland
Thank you so much for helping us with thousands of things from our house!
Local Moves, from Porter Ranch to Washougal
Excellent moving company in Porter Ranch with great communication and professionalism from the initial contact until end of the day of the move.
Local Moves, from Washougal to Anaheim
Local Moves, from Washougal to Venice
Thanks for doing such a great job with my move. Please feel free to use me as a future reference. I look forward to using Royal Moving services with our clients. Royal Moving is a great run operation!
Local Moves, from Washougal to Laguna Beach
Labor Only, from Washougal to Hancock Park
Great movers! They were quick, efficient, professional and extremely friendly. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again in the future.
Long Distance, from Woodinville to Washougal
Royal Moving Company was wonderful. Brittney gave us a great price and Demitry lead an experienced team. On time, on task, no damage. Thumbs up!
Local Moves, Washougal
Local Moves, from Venice to Washougal
Local Moves, from Washougal to Glendale
Local Moves, Washougal
Local Moves, from Westwood to Washougal
I just wanted to say thank you for the best moving experience I've ever had. They were right on time. Worked efficiently and nothing got dirty or had any scratches. The workers were wonderful. I'll never use another company again.
Local Moves, from Houghton to Washougal
Storage, Washougal
Local Moves, Washougal
Setting up the move with Great nation was a breeze, but there were several bumps in the road throughout the move. We had a number of misunderstandings regarding payment methods, shuttle charges, and a huge accounting mixup that thankfully chopped what I thought was a $1100 overweight fee down to only about $100. Unfortunately, getting hit with that big fee somewhat soured my perspective during the move. I wish I had known they adjusted it sooner. It was only after writing my original 3 star review here on Thumbtack that Vlad emailed me a completely different invoice that I had never seen before, and I realized the numbers on my copy did not add up. Now that I figured out their accounting, I am much more satisfied with their services for the price they ultimately charged. That's kind of a bummer, because everyone I worked with was individually pleasant. Good movers and drivers, and Vlad did seem responsive and available. But it just felt like I was told different things by different people that surprised me....things that I was told about that didn't happen, and things I wasn't told about that I should have. Finally, I am compelled to report that Royal Moving did not like my original 3 star review. In their attempts to clarify things with me after the review, things escalated extremely quickly. In a matter of 3 messages, first from Vlad at Royal Moving, a reply from me, and next, a reply from someone else at Royal Moving who was copied on the email, they jumped to a not so subtle threat that they were talking to their attorneys about my review and whether it was defamation. And then they emphasized that they defend themselves very "aggressively". For a 3 star review. So, Wow! I saved a copy of the original review just in case. I thought about leaving it up here for completeness sake, but I don't feel safe doing that so my apologies dear readers. Use your imaginations.
Local Moves, from Washougal to Orange County
Labor Only, from Washougal to Burbank
Local Moves, from Washougal to Shoreline
Long Distance, from Washougal to Manhattan Beach
Local Moves, Washougal
Plastic Boxes, from Washougal to Tualatin
First moving company I've used. Great experience. They really made it smooth and went the extra effort. Thanks guys!
Commercial, from Los Angeles to Washougal
Dan and his team did a great job with our move out and in while we were having our floors redone. Very reasonable rates, careful with all of our items and put felt on all our furniture so it wouldn't scratch our new floors. We will call them again for any future moves.
Storage, from Hillsboro to Washougal
A friend recommended Royal Moving, and I'd recommend them to anyone and everyone! They were super fast, careful, professional, flexible, very skilled movers, and their price beat everyone. Jose and his crew were friendly, patient, and kind, and again...really fast. They were careful with my fragile and less than sturdy things, and I really appreciated that. They were top notch in every way and made my move really easy. Thank you Royal Moving!
Local Moves, from Washougal to Studio City
Local Moves, from La Cañada Flintridge to Washougal
Local Moves, Washougal
Super service!! I couldn't be more impressed with a company that shows up on time, even a little early, handles my stuff like their own, and are polite! Great value for the service they provide! Highly recommend!
Local Moves, from Culver City to Washougal
I have never had a no-hassle moving experience until using these guys. 3 guys...on time...we moved about 50 miles away. They had the truck loaded and unloaded in 3.5 hours! They were fast, and prepped any furniture that needed it. They were careful and made sure we were happy with furniture placement before they left. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!
Commercial, Washougal
Labor Only, Washougal
Local Moves, from Troutdale to Washougal
They made quick work of the boxes and furniture when moving our two bedroom apartment. Very courteous and polite. Did not waste any time while "on the clock". Well worth the price.
Local Moves, Washougal
I was skeptical of the 5-star reviews online as there is always a chance for fake information on the web however, the service exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend this moving company.
Local Moves, from Hillsboro to Washougal
Storage, from Brentwood to Washougal
Local Moves, from Washougal to Hidden Hills
Plastic Boxes, Washougal
Local Moves, from Malibu to Washougal
Plastic Boxes, from Washougal to Irvine
Great reliable company! They provided adequate communication, arrived on time and did a job well done. Next time I move I will look them up.
Local Moves, from Santa Fe Springs to Washougal
Brian and his moving team are great! I've used this company twice and I highly recommend them! Professional, on time, efficient and friendly.
Local Moves, from Washougal to Beverly Hills
Local Moves, from Troutdale to Washougal
These movers were professional, punctual, and did a great job. I would definitely hire them again.
Local Moves, from Washougal to Northridge
Local Moves, Washougal
Long Distance, Washougal
Great service! Great company! As a real estate agent/team, we would highly recommend!
Commercial, from Houghton to Washougal
Labor Only, from Beaverton to Washougal
Hardest working husband and wife team we've ever come across. Quick, efficient, pleasant and priced right!
Local Moves, from Washougal to Holmby Hills
Local Moves, from West Linn to Washougal
Local Moves, from Washougal to Lakewood
Local Moves, from Washougal to Malibu
Local Moves, from Gresham to Washougal
Local Moves, from Lake Forest Park to Washougal
Fantastic! They were punctual and amazingly kind and friendly. They took great care with our belongings and were reasonably priced. I've never had a move go so smoothly!
Local Moves, from Washougal to Calabasas
I've utilized their services a few time. They are timely, efficient and wrap everything in plastic wrap for protection. I recommend their services and will certainly use them on the future!
Local Moves, from Redmond to Washougal
Local Moves, from Hawthorne to Washougal
I had a in state long distant move. Awesome service, finished on time. Delivered on the coldest day of the year without a complaint. If you're looking for quality this is the perfect company.
Plastic Boxes, from Anaheim to Washougal
Local Moves, Washougal
Local Moves, from Washougal to Venice
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