San Marino Movers Reviews

17 total reviews
Local Moves, from San Marino to North Hills
My parents moved with North Hills Movers and stayed very satisfied with the services. Thanks a lot, guys!
Local Moves, from Malibu to San Marino
Thank you so much, Royal Moving co! My family saved so much time by trusting you all the packing and transportation fuss.
Local Moves, from San Marino to Bel Air
I moved four times in California, and Royal company always provided me with a team to help. Thanks!
Local Moves, from Renton to San Marino
In four hours, San Marino movers managed to pack all my stuff and accommodate it in the new home. Royal makes everything possible. Thanks!
Local Moves, from Larchmont to San Marino
Do not call anywhere else before you contact Royal Moving company. Their service is unbeatable, not mentioning the price and how much you save.
Local Moves, from San Marino to South Gate
Royal Moving company is my number one recommendation for those who need quality services without overpaying.
Local Moves, from San Marino to Costa Mesa
Perfect storage and moving services, moderate costs, attention to the smallest details and subtleties - that is Royal company.
Local Moves
We choose the path of least resistance by working with Houghton movers. It was the right decision. Thanks!
Local Moves, from San Marino to Brentwood
I only ordered storage in Royal, and everything was great. Will move with their team when the time comes.
Local Moves, from San Marino to San Dimas
The team of Norwalk Movers from Royal is fascinating. They’ve done so much for us!
Local Moves
I was surprised to see San Marino Movers from Royal packing my stuff in three hours.
Local Moves, from San Marino to Brentwood
Guys, this moving service is worth every buck. You won’t regret.
Local Moves, from San Marino to Burbank
I wish all service businesses where as professional as royal, and easy to work with.
Local Moves, San Marino
You can not go wrong if you hire them for your move. And the price was right.
Local Moves, from Bel Air to San Marino
This is a great company. Royal did not damage anything, and then placed everything exactly where I wanted it.
Local Moves, from San Marino to Bel Air
The Royal guys were the best movers we have ever used.
Local Moves, from San Marino to Glendale
Thank You Royal Moving for such a great job. You are TOP-NOTCH!
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