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Local Moves, from West Covina to Sammamish
Best Corporate Move Yet! From the initial contact with Vlad to the IN-OFFICE visit in DC, the moving day, and the delivery day was a very positive experience. We had 4 quotes and they were not the lowest bid, however, they finished early and that made up some of the difference. You truly get what you pay for with Royal Moving they were professional, on time, ZERO ISSUES, NO HIDDEN FEES, QUALITY and I mean it! I will never try to cut corners with a big move after the amazing on-time and professional service from Royal Moving Movers. Professionalism and responsiveness of Vlad are excellent services of the team, efficiency and reasonable prices are what make Royal Moving Movers stand out in the industry. I highly recommend it for a short and long distance move. If you want a positive and smooth move, pick Royal Moving Movers and you will never regret.
Local Moves, from Rancho Palos Verdes to Sammamish
Local Moves, Sammamish
Plastic Boxes, Sammamish
Chris and his team did an excellent job moving me out of my house. They were quick and professional and I appreciate that they did not hit me with any hidden charges or fees. The furniture and items were handled well for them getting the job done so fast. Best of all the rate was fair, especially for 3 seasoned movers. I would definitely use them again.
Local Moves, from Sammamish to Shoreline
I love this company the owner is cool and polite i highly recommend this company there cheap and good workers. If you use them you wont be disappointed.
Local Moves, from Bothell to Sammamish
My moving day went very well from beginning to end. Customer service and Greg reassured me I would have the size truck I requested and they did. The 4 gentlemen (William, Erik, Fredy, Daniel) were very professional and did a terrific job. I would definitely recommend Royal Moving as my experience was a good one. Thank you.
Local Moves, from Sammamish to Venice
Thanks Royal Moving Company you guys are amazing and I would definately use this company if I were you!
Local Moves, Sammamish
Local Moves, Sammamish
They are the BEST! If you need a moving company - you will not be disappointed with Royal Moving!
Local Moves, Sammamish

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