Rolling Hills Estates Movers Reviews

15 total reviews
Local Moves, from Calabasas to Rolling Hills Estates
In search of the best Fullerton Moving Company, I found Royal Moving, and it was the right choice! Your service is really worth every cent.
Local Moves, from Anaheim to Rolling Hills Estates
Don’t waste your time on packing and transporting heavy furniture and boxes – trust this task to Royal Moving company, they’ll do it brilliantly.
Local Moves, from San Miguel to Rolling Hills Estates
Your group of Lakewood Movers is simply incredible. Such an expert way to deal with move, I'm astounded.
Local Moves, from San Gabriel to Rolling Hills Estates
Royal Moving company made so much for us. A thousand times thanks!
Local Moves, from Azusa to Rolling Hills Estates
I will recommend Azusa Movers from Royal company to my friends – these movers are awesome.
Local Moves
Thanks for moving our stuff in a timely manner without any problems.
Local Moves, from Redondo Beach to Rolling Hills Estates
The Royal team was professional and thorough! What a onderful experience. I would recommend them to anyone!
Local Moves, from Rolling Hills Estates to Shoreline
The Royal Moving team was especially professional, courteous, and careful, which is something rarely found with moving companies these days.
Local Moves, from Rolling Hills Estates to Holmby Hills
Arrived on time, worked hard and fast. Super helpful, super friendly. Really great experience with Royal Moving.
Local Moves, Rolling Hills Estates
All our boxes, even our fragile items, were moved without issues or damage in an ultra-quick way.
Local Moves, Rolling Hills Estates
The movers from Royal that helped us move were professional, kind, and easy to work with throughout the move.
Local Moves, from Rolling Hills Estates to Rolling Hills
The team from Royal moved so fast it was a blur, with nothing lost or damaged!
Local Moves, from Rolling Hills Estates to Rolling Hills
Royal is by far the best moving company my husband and I have ever used.
Local Moves, Rolling Hills Estates
Royal was everything we could have hoped for in a mover, which is a blessing when you hire movers.
Local Moves, from Houghton to Rolling Hills Estates
Royal really knows what they are doing, and they didn't shy away from our difficult and long moves because they are super professional.
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