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We at Royal Moving Company are dedicated to helping our customers have a smooth and worry-free move to Newcastle every step of the way.

Among Newcastle movers, we are known for our clean, efficient service. Others out there may charge you cheap rates, but they can also cause you headaches, like damaged or lost belongings. And they may hit you with unexpected charges. There’s no need to worry when you hire safe, dependable Royal Moving Company. When you depart you’re your Newcastle to your new residence, just leave it to our expert Newcastle movers.

Affordable Movers in Newcastle.

Need help preparing for the move? We’ve got you covered. Sit back and let our team pack your belonging with gentle care. We will handle your property safely and securely and place everything aboard one of our modern vans. Even if you’re supplying the truck, we can help you pack and load all of your precious cargo. Then do the driving yourself, if you choose. We’re even available to meet you at your destination within Newcastle and do the unloading for you.

Call on Royal Moving Company to make your move easy and hassle-free.

We’re one of the top moving companies in Newcastle. That’s because we’ll go the extra distance for you. Call us, and forget all of your worries about packing, loading and getting your belongings to you destination safely. We are the Solution!

Newcastle Reviews

78 total reviews
Local Moves, from Newcastle to Edmonds
Dave , Max and Taylor were unbelievable... I can't say enough about how much help they were to me with my move! This company is like two in one. At first I didn't believe that they provided free moving boxes for their clients. However, not only were they free, they were plastic! So I saved money by not having to buy cardboard boxes and the plastic boxes protected my personal and valuables very well. I've never heard of any company that provides a FREE service just to please their customers. These are genuine guys and they do an amazing job. They made this move so easy and it really did put me a ease. Moving is stressful and trust me with this company and all that they do for their clients it won't be stressful at all! It's the easiest choice to make when moving. P. S. I would like to thank Hank, he was very informative, polite, and professional when I made the call for my move. I've never felt so comfortable talking to someone over the phone, he made things so easy! Amazing customer service guys!!!!!!
Local Moves, from Newcastle to Pomona
Royal Moving company provided me with a wealth of useful services and free packing materials. I did not have to care about anything. The move was fun.
Local Moves, from Oregon City to Newcastle
Royal Moving co, you deserved all the great reviews on this website – I was amazed by how quickly and professionally they treat customers’ possessions.
Local Moves, from Huntington Beach to Newcastle
Royal Moving company is the best solution when you need a quick and trouble-free move. They make the move so simple you won’t even notice it.
Local Moves, from Newcastle to Walnut
I want to express my endless gratitude to Walnut movers – their help is hard to overestimate. We packed fifty boxes in less than a day, which seemed to be impossible.
Local Moves, from Newcastle to Costa Mesa
Royal Moving co team packed and transported stuff so quickly and without disturbing me at all. This move was finished in a jiffy thanks to you, guys.
Local Moves
My work with Royal Moving organization was totally positive. My family is grateful to you for making our move so fast and incredible.
Local Moves, from Newcastle to Huntington Beach
With Royal Moving organization, I completely disregarded issues with transportation
Local Moves, from Los Feliz to Newcastle
Excellent transporting organization with moderate costs and a wide scope of services.
Local Moves, from Newcastle to Mercer Island
With your Beverly Hills movers’ team, this move was incredible!

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