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Local Moves, from Monrovia to Paramount
The Royal moving team helped us to clean all the trash in the old house. So nice of you, guys!
Local Moves
Together with Monrovia Movers we packed tons of things in a day.
Local Moves, from Hollywood to Monrovia
Royal was the best and the most affordable to boot!
Local Moves, from Walnut to Monrovia
Royal Moving was awesome! They cleared my apartment in an hour! The unloading process was even smoother.
Local Moves, Monrovia
Just a quick review to say that the Royal guys knocked it out of the park!
Local Moves, from Monrovia to Hermosa Beach
I have had so many terrible moving experiences, but Royal renewed my faith in the entire industry.
Local Moves, from Hidden Hills to Monrovia
You will not find a better move in Monrovia! I am a realtor and recommend them all the time, every time.
Local Moves, from El Segundo to Monrovia
The Royal movers were friendly, efficient, intelligent and impressive in every way.
Local Moves, from Monrovia to Playa Del Rey
Royal arrived on time, and from the moment they began the move, it went very smoothly.

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