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Local Moves, from Manhattan Beach to Brentwood
Just pay and watch your stuff packed and shipped instantly. That’s Royal moving co.
Local Moves
With Thousand Oaks Movers from Royal we have moved to another city in two days!
Local Moves, from Manhattan Beach to Costa Mesa
My move finished in a couple of days, which would be impossible without Royal company.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Manhattan Beach
I moved locally to Manhattan Beach, and Royal did a fantastic job. Punctual, very efficient, very careful and courteous.
Local Moves, Manhattan Beach
The Royal crew did and excellent job. Friendly, quick and most importantly everything made it to the new house safely.
Local Moves, from Manhattan Beach to Malibu
Royal was very prompt and moved all of my things so quickly and with care!
Local Moves, from Rancho Palos Verdes to Manhattan Beach
The Royal movers hustle. No time was wasted at all.
Local Moves, from Redondo Beach to Manhattan Beach
Pricing was fair, set up was easy, and despite going from one 3-floor apartment to another, they didn't complain.
Local Moves, from Manhattan Beach to Lakewood
I have absolutely no hesitations about recommending Royal to anyone and everyone in Lakewood.
Local Moves, from Pasadena to Manhattan Beach
I can't stop raving about how painless the moving experience was with Royal.

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