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Moving to another city is a challenging task – you have to take care of every single possession, packing, and transportation. With all these things in mind, many people make typical mistakes and risk having their stuff lost or broken. Here are some tips for professional moving from LA to SF and ways to make it simpler.

Start preparing in advance

No matter how small or large your adobe is, you won’t be able to pack everything in one day. That’s why it’s important to start preparing your possessions weeks ahead of the planned date of your move. Here’s a short step-by-step instruction on how to prepare your stuff and not miss a thing:

  1. Start with your furniture. Decide what you need to take with you, and what should be thrown away/sold/left. Think about how you will transport it.
  2. Make a list of must-take things and items. It can include precious possessions, personal stuff, clothes and anything you regard as important.
  3. Think of how to dispose of the items you don’t need anymore. For example, books can be donated to local libraries, clothes – brought to charity centers. Have decorations and various stuff you don’t want to throw away? Organize a garage sale! You will save some money for your move.
  4. Now, it’s time to find boxes and materials for packing. You can find free boxes in some stores – just ask around. But if you want new, sturdy boxes, ask your mover to provide packing materials. With Royal Moving, the cost of materials is fully paid off by the quality of packaging and the safety of your possessions.
  5. Label the boxes. This way, it will be easier for you to unpack. You can classify boxes by rooms or types of contents (books, clothes, tools, etc).

While doing all these preparations, you need to find a moving company. All in all, relocation to San Francisco is a hard and effort-consuming task, so moving services in LA will significantly ease the task for you.

Why hire movers?

Of course, you can try to organize everything on your own – disassemble furniture, pack boxes and wrap them in protective film, find a truck (or use your own vehicle), load the stacks of your possessions, drive, then unload. But imagine how much time and effort it takes, not to mention the risks you take at every second of your move.
Why don’t you just let professionals handle it all? The cost of the move includes everything so you could relax:

  • No need to search for free or cheap boxes – we provide you with packing supplies that last and protect your items.
  • Don’t have time to pack it all? Let our movers help you with that!
  • Decided to move in your own car? Are you sure all your stuff will fit in? How about driving from LA to SF – can you handle it? With so many risks to take, you should rather trust these tasks to professionals. They will provide you with large and safe trucks and take care of transporting possessions.
  • Having to carry boxes with kids or pets running around is no easy task. Let experts handle that while you’re with your family or busy with other organizational issues.
  • As for fragile items, you can also rely on movers and ask them to pack and transport your valuables safely. With so much experience under their belt, our movers know how to deliver it without damage.
  • Last but not least is expenses. Practice shows that moving quotes pay off with the safety and services you get. If you calculate the expenses of moving on your own, you might get pretty much the same sum, but triple as much effort as without movers.

Relocation is a hard task by itself, so why complicate it when you can enjoy the process and let experts handle all the labors?

How to find a perfect moving company?

Search no more – you have already discovered the right place. Royal Moving company can organize a safe, clean and fun move. Having years of experience in the industry, we mastered it all about relocation.
Here are the criteria that matter for customers and us.
The professionalism of movers is not just a loud word. Why does it matter? Movers who know the ropes handle customers’ possessions with maximum accuracy. They can pack, carry and transport things without a single scratch. Our moving services are performed to exceed clients’ expectations.
Safe & reliable vehicles matter when you move such a long distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Our trucks boast a high capacity, which allows you to transport all the stuff in one drive. Besides, they are well protected against rain, snow, wind and any weather conditions. Need to transfer fragile items? Don’t worry – we can handle it safely.
Fair and non-expensive pricing. Moving doesn’t have to cost a fortune – you already have many things to spend on when starting a new life in San Francisco. In the Royal Moving company, you get all the needed services on a per-hour payment basis. No hidden fees included! We can calculate the cost of your move in advance and you can rest assured that you will have to pay the expected sum.
Clean performance means you won’t have to deal with bunches of trash during your move and can focus on things that really matter. Our movers make sure that there’s nothing extra left in your house in Los Angeles, including boxes, packaging supplies, and so on. Once you leave the house, it can pass to your real estate agent without any other preparations.
Packing supplies are another expense item on your list. You can find free boxes, but if there’s no such option, get package stuff at Royal Moving. For our customers, their cost is already included in the moving quotes. We provide carton boxes, bubble wrap, tape, wrapping paper, plastic film and so much more.
Moving can be a pleasure when your tasks are handled by professionals. Let Royal Moving do all the hard job for you to relax – your move will leave positive memories only!

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