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Local Moves, from Oregon City to Laguna Beach
We moved from York, PA to Florida and needed temporary storage (Royal Moving owns their own facility) while we closed on our home. Being senior citizens we were treated with the utmost respect and were given a discount. The crew arrived on time and packed a few items at a minimal cost. Everything was delivered in in Florida 8 weeks later without any issues, no damage or missing items. Same crew that picked us up delivered to our new home. Very satisfied.
Local Moves, Laguna Beach
Local Moves, from Laguna Beach to Rancho Palos Verdes
Excellent job. They arrived on time, doing their job fast, and they worked really hard of helping us get our incredibly big projection tv out of the basement. Very nice!
Local Moves, Laguna Beach
Local Moves, from Canoga Park to Laguna Beach
Awesome experience hired them two times already! Will recommend! They were extremely courteous, and thoughtful with my items. I have alot of glass and nothing was scratched or broken. Very personable, friendly and reasonably priced. Worth every penny enjoyed working with them.
Local Moves, from Milwaukie to Laguna Beach
I couldn't have asked for a better move! Everyone that I worked with was polite, informative and accommodating. For an event that can be so stressful, it was wonderful to have others do the heavy lifting and scheduling and to have one less thing to think about. I wish to thank everyone involved!
Local Moves, Laguna Beach
Local Moves, from Laguna Beach to Santa Fe Springs
Local Moves, from Lake Oswego to Laguna Beach
Local Moves, from Bellevue to Laguna Beach
Royal Moving has handled multiple moving jobs for me. From moving large items in our house to moving us from our old house to our new one. William, Peter and Carlos were the crew that handled our house move. They are great guys, hardworking and professional. The move was efficient and fast. They broke down and reassembled multiple furniture items. I will be using them again in the future for sure!!!
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