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Local Moves, Glendale
I've tried a few moving companies but this one is really solid. Cool guys. Very nice and respectful. Quick move. Dennis and his team were awesome. Would recommend them to anyone who needs a moving company.
Local Moves, Glendale
Daniel and his crew were great! They helped us move all of our belongings from a 10x20 storage unit into our new home. They were efficient, cheerful and worked incredibly hard - I would definitely recommend them. Additionally, I was impressed by the great care they took to make sure our furniture and other items were protected and packed properly into the truck. Overall just a great crew to work with, their positivity made what could have been a stressful day feel like a breeze! I even picked up some tips from them should we ever move again. 5/5!
Local Moves, from Clyde Hill to Glendale
Royal Moving co team packed and transported all the bulky possessions in no time. I am positively impressed.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Camas
Royal Moving co truly deserves being called one of the best moving companies in California. Their professionalism can’t be denied – you’ll discover it once you call them.
Local Moves, from Vancouver to Glendale
Excellent moving services for the excellent price. Royal is my number one recommendation for people who need professional moving services.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Glendale
Royal Moving co rocked my move and saved me several days. Their team is truly professional and efficient. Guys pack stuff in the safest manner.
Local Moves, from Glendale to El Monte
You can’t imagine how many dollars and hours have been saved with Royal Moving company. They are the wizards of stress-free moving.
Local Moves, from Edmonds to Glendale
I thought that Royal Moving services will come to quite a sum, but I actually managed to save money by trusting them my possessions.
Local Moves, from Shoreline to Glendale
Royal Moving co debugged the myth about expensive moving services: I did not expect that this company will save me hundreds of bucks. It’s a worthy choice.
Local Moves, from Redmond to Glendale
Glendale Movers from Royal Moving were very accurate and proficient.
Local Moves, from Glendale to El Segundo
An outstanding moving company with reliable and responsible workers. That’s the way to work!
Local Moves, from Glendale to West Covina
Our family moved to another city in seven days, and it was a marvelous encounter!
Local Moves, from Studio City to Glendale
I would recommend Royal Moving company to anyone who doesn’t have enough time for moving - trust this task for you.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Irvine
Affordable prices, fast and professional help - what else to wish for?
Local Moves
Our move was fast and flawless thanks to you only!
Local Moves
Can’t imagine having it all done without your team!
Local Moves, from Glendale to Santa Fe Springs
This service is absolutely worth the expense. All in all, it saved us hundreds of bucks.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Holmby Hills
What is the Best Fullerton Moving Company? Of course, Royal movers.
Local Moves
Moving to another city is not hard anymore when you work with Royal.
Local Moves
Glendale Movers did their job without a hitch. They are simply the best.
Local Moves, from Issaquah to Glendale
The Royal movers company is the best moving service I’ve ever tried. Thanks!
Local Moves, Glendale
The team from Royal Moving moved so fast it was a blur, with nothing lost or damaged!
Local Moves, Glendale
The Royal Moving team showed up on time and got working right away, carefully and efficiently moving our items.
Local Moves, Glendale
They arrived with a handshake and a smile, and throughout the day, the Royal folks were polite, quick, and efficient!
Local Moves, Glendale
Royal Moving was friendly with a smile. Great guys. Thanks for making my move a breeze!
Local Moves, Glendale
Bottom line, if you need to move in Glendale Movers, spare your back and your wallet, and call Royal for complete piece of mind.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Burbank
Pricing was fair, set up was easy, and despite going from one 3-floor apartment to another, the Royal crew didn't complain.
Local Moves, from Whittier to Glendale
Do you want the most pleasant moving experience of your life? Hire Royal Moving.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Hollywood
Very pleasant experience with Royal Moving. Their team was professional, knowledgeable and all my stuff was packed up and delivered safely.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Long Beach
The crew at Royal Moving were super professional, kind, and hardworking gentlemen.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Agoura Hills
I heard great things about these movers from my Agoura Hills’ neighbors, and they did not disappoint.
Local Moves, Glendale
I have had so many terrible moving experiences, but Royal Moving renewed my faith in the entire industry.
Local Moves, from South Gate to Glendale
Definitely would use Royal again. The movers were prompt, friendly and worked hard, and they took great care of our belongings.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Hillsboro
I loved that Royal Moving was priced to fit our budget with no hidden fees, and we finished an hour earlier than expected!
Local Moves, from Pasadena to Glendale
Royal handled all of my items with the same care you might expect from the big national brands. Actually, better!
Local Moves, from Westwood to Glendale
Royal was great. The movers accommodated all of my request and pulled off a perfect move.
Local Moves, from Rancho Santa to Glendale
Royal Moving did a great job of making sure everything was done right, and were very respectful of our things.
Local Moves, from San Marino to Glendale
Thank You Royal Moving for such a great job. You are TOP-NOTCH!
Local Moves, from Glendale to Carson
Royal took great care from the preparation to the transportation. They were polite throughout, and I paid exactly what was I quoted.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Canoga Park
Solid 5 stars! Royal was on time, were 100% pros, and they followed my specific instructions without any complaints.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Calabasas
Do yourself a favor and call Royal Moving! Competitive pricing and excellent service!
Local Moves, from Glendale to Fullerton
What a great experience! The Royal crew did a fantastic job.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Carson
Royal was excellent. Professional, friendly, conscientious and quick! Excellent crew and excellent service!
Local Moves, from Hancock Park to Glendale
In Glendale, there many "good" moving companies, but Royal is the BEST.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Carson
It's really heartening to know that professional movers like Royal Moving do exist. They thrive on making the customers happy.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Bel Air
Royal Moving worked quickly and carefully on both ends of the move without a break. I would 150% recommend them to anyone!
Local Moves, from Glendale to Culver City
Great experience! Royal Moving was professional and everything got done in an efficient manor.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Burbank
I was very impressed with the level of service I received from Royal Moving.
Local Moves, from Pacific Palisades to Glendale
I recommend Royal to all my family and friends! They never disapoint me!
Local Moves, from Glendale to Fullerton
Royal did a great job with no hidden costs and no damage.
Local Moves, from Westwood to Glendale
Can't be beat. On time. Quick and efficient. No damage. Definitely will use Royal again!
Storage, from Torrance to Glendale
It went great! I am very pleased with the service. They arrived on time and were very well prepared. They wrapped all the furniture in a plastic wrap and moving blankets. They were very careful with the items but still efficient at the same time. I will definitely use them again in the future.
Local Moves
These guys were awesome!!! They were very polite and professional. Everything arrived in perfect condition as well as they did not even leave a nick on the walls!! Great company!
Local Moves, from Glendale to Edmonds
Local Moves, from Glendale to Irvine
These guys saved me at the last minute, I am really grateful, they were respectful and punctual, the price was extremely reasonable. Thanks guys.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Beverly Hills
Local Moves, from Beverly Hills to Glendale
Local Moves, from Glendale to West Linn
Ricky and his team helped move a table for me and did a great job protecting it. They took great care and addressed any questions I had. Would highly recommend them!
Local Moves, from Washougal to Glendale
Plastic Boxes, from Glendale to Malibu
Local Moves, from Glendale to Fairview
Long Distance, from Glendale to Anaheim
The gentlemen that were sent were professional and excellent at what they do. That was the smoothest move we've ever had. The movers were early. No issues. Nothing broken. Very very professional. We highly recommend.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Lake Forest Park
These guys were awesome. I have horrible moving karma and this is the first move for me that went well in years. Great guys, good prices. I highly recommend.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Tigard
Local Moves, Glendale
Scott gave affordable prices. The movers were fast. I had a good experience overall with this company. I recommend it.
Local Moves, from Orange County to Glendale
Local Moves, from Glendale to Studio City
Local Moves, from Battle Ground to Glendale
Eric and his team were absolutely amazing! They were incredibly efficient and had everything packed up, out, and moved in at the new place just shy of two hours. This is the second time I have used these guys and it probably won't be the last. If you're thinking about using them, do it! You won't be disappointed!
Long Distance, Glendale
Plastic Boxes, from Westwood to Glendale
Royal Moving Company moving sent out three very strong guys (George, Montrell, & Sydney) to pack up our UHaul. They did a great job! They were very hardworking and made...
Local Moves, from Glendale to Hillsboro
Local Moves, from Hillsboro to Glendale
The movers did an amazing job!! I will definitely be using their services again!! Fast and efficient!! Very careful with all my belongings! Eric and the two other guys he was with are the best!!!
Local Moves, from Glendale to Fairview
Long Distance, Glendale
I rented a van and the process was very smooth.
Local Moves, from Tigard to Glendale
Local Moves, from Malibu to Glendale
Local Moves, from Los Angeles to Glendale
Awesome job!!! My bellhops were polite and professional! They got in, did the job in a timely manor and amazed me. I will use this services for any of my moving needs in the future!!!
Local Moves, from Canoga Park to Glendale
Local Moves, from Rancho Palos Verdes to Glendale
Local Moves, from Huntington Beach to Glendale
Rob was awesome when I called he gave me a quick quote. Would definitely be using this company again highly recommend thanks again
Local Moves, from Woodinville to Glendale
Local Moves, from Milwaukie to Glendale
They were kind and helpful. I appreciate them working with me on hours and assistance
Labor Only, Glendale
These guys were great! They were super efficient! Moved all of our stuff quickly and carefully!
Local Moves, Glendale
Moving. So rent the storage. Service is good. Price is reasonable. Just the storage, smell so weird..
Local Moves, Glendale
Our move was somewhat complicated, from 41st floor with difficult loading dock to another high rise. Migel O. and Vlad packed for us on day one, super lovely gentlemen to have around and were joined by Eliseo, Alex A and Jeremy G the next day for he heavy hauling. Very professional crew. Never faltered all day with the long move. Cheerful entire time, and completely customer service oriented and would not stop until every piece was exactly where we wanted it to be. We enjoyed having the guys around, how many people can say THAT about their movers! I would definitely call Royal Moving again and would recommend to anyone. Every thing was very carefully packed, and furniture carefully taped, and all arrived safely. Crew arrived on the dot each morning, as scheduled. 2 VERY MINOR bumps on furniture that were immediately brought to my attention and will be repaired by Royal Moving, NO HASSLE. I was impressed. Thanks guys!!
Labor Only, from Marina Del Rey to Glendale
I was mildly skeptical simply because of all the 5 star reviews of these guys, but they have earned every single one. They are fast, efficient, and respectful. They are your guys for moving a piano.
Commercial, from Glendale to Gresham
Local Moves, from Glendale to Newport Beach
Movers should be reliable. These guys absolutely were. Also very reasonable price, safe, and great service.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Bothell
Labor Only, from Glendale to Hancock Park
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Local Moves, Glendale
We were very pleased with every aspect of our move with your company. It was a stressful time and the Royal Moving staff handled everything in such a professional and caring manner. We recommend you to all our friends and co-workers who are moving.
Plastic Boxes, Glendale
Local Moves, Glendale
Local Moves, from Hollywood to Glendale
Helped me move across country. Everything arrived neatly boxed. A big move that was organized and efficient. The price was reasonable. I got several quotes before choosing them.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Fairview
Greg and his team did a very professional job, took care during the move - even though it was 117 degrees!
Labor Only, Glendale
Local Moves, from Issaquah to Glendale
Thank you Royal Moving Company for saving the day!! Great service and exceptional movers. I was able to get 2 amazing movers on-site within 1 hour of my emergency call...
Plastic Boxes, from Tigard to Glendale
Plastic Boxes, from Edmonds to Glendale
I had a great experience with Royal Moving for my move in February 2018. Movers are highly professional, on time, and taking good care of my belongings. The customer representative Vlad is friendly, helpful, and highly professional handling all questions during the moving process. She walks extra steps to help me for a couple of unexpected changes in the middle of the move. I definitely will contact Royal Moving again if I am in need in the future. Thank you!
Local Moves, from Hermosa Beach to Glendale
Commercial, Glendale
Local Moves, from Glendale to Larchmont
Local Moves, from Glendale to Northridge
Local Moves, from Paramount to Glendale
great working with them! came before time, wrapped everything (even mattress) carefully and were calm and polite. moved in 3 hours paid $305 ($85/h + $50)

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