Compton Movers Reviews

8 total reviews
Local Moves, from Compton to Camas
Moving to another city was flawless and simple thanks to you!
Local Moves
Compton Movers from Royal moving co were so friendly and helpful.
Local Moves, Compton
Royal Moving has a super professional, kind, hard working team of gentlemen who moved us at light speed.
Local Moves, Compton
LOVE Royal Moving! This move was the MOST efficient ever!
Local Moves, from Oregon City to Compton
I chose the company based on other positive reviews and in reality I would give 6 stars if that was possible!
Local Moves, from Compton to Diamond Bar
Thank you guys! Royal has been outstanding to us from the start to the finish!
Local Moves, from Compton to Highland
All our boxes, even our fragile items, were moved without issues or damage in an ultra-quick way. Thanks, Royal Moving!
Local Moves, from Hancock Park to Compton
The Royal Moving team is beyond amazing. They took care of my belongings as if they were their own.

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