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Local Moves, from Lake Oswego to Camas
My first time reviewing a moving company because I am actually happy with one! Phil and his guys were on time. Everything was packaged efficiently and with care. Here's the BIG plus, they do not charge for tape and wardrobe boxes!!!! I have moved at least 5 times and every company has charged me for tape and wardrobe boxes. This is a BIG BIG plus if you're on a budget or just don't want to deal with a moving company who wants to overcharge you for supplies. Tip: always offer water or gatorade to the guys, it's a nice gesture and it ensures even higher quality of work ;)
Local Moves, from Camas to Westwood
I want to express my gratitude to Royal Moving company: they did their best for making my move fast and flawless.
Local Moves, from Mercer Island to Camas
If you pack and transport possessions on your own, your move is doomed from the start. Don’t complicate it – call Royal Moving company.
Local Moves, from Glendale to Camas
Royal Moving co truly deserves being called one of the best moving companies in California. Their professionalism can’t be denied – you’ll discover it once you call them.
Local Moves, from Kenmore to Camas
I managed to move to another city in a timely manner only thanks to Royal Moving team. They are true professionals!
Local Moves, from Camas to San Fernando
San Fernando movers are the best team of movers I ever worked with. Thank you so much for managing the entire move for me.
Local Moves, from Camas to Redondo Beach
I ordered storage in Royal Moving company for a few months, and was amazed by the combo of agreeable prices and exceptional service. Thanks!
Local Moves, from Westwood to Camas
The guys from Royal Moving co are true professionals: they know how to make your move quick and efficient.
Local Moves, from Camas to Hermosa Beach
An extraordinary organization with moderate rates.
Local Moves, from Camas to Highland
Simply the best moving group ever. Much obliged to you!
Local Moves, from Camas to Sammamish
No need to utilize your vehicle and make relatives pack the things – Royal Moving will do it for you.
Local Moves, from Beaverton to Camas
Excellent help at a sensible cost. I recommend Royal Moving organization!
Local Moves
It was an incredible moving period - all thanks to Royal Moving organization.
Local Moves, from Tigard to Camas
We worked with Kenmore movers: they outperformed our expectations.
Local Moves
We had a problem with temporary storage of our furniture – Royal movers solved this issue in a jiffy!
Local Moves, from Compton to Camas
Moving to another city was flawless and simple thanks to you!
Local Moves, from Burbank to Camas
Royal co are my number one recommendation for those who move.
Local Moves, from Tualatin to Camas
Extremely professional and friendly, and the entire process was easy and low stress. Highly recommended.
Local Moves, from Camas to Huntington Beach
Local Moves, from Camas to Oregon City
Local Moves, Camas
Local Moves, from Camas to Troutdale
“Using Royal Moving Company has been a wonderful experience. This is the first time I have ever used a moving company. Your workers are very, very professional. I can say two...
Local Moves, from Camas to Orange County
Long Distance, from Hawthorne to Camas
Local Moves, from Clyde Hill to Camas
My previous two moves had nothing that I'd love to remember. The mover destroyed nearly all my furniture in the first instance. Then some of my things, especially electronics, ended up missing during the second. I was really worried when again I required the services of a moving company, because I didn’t know what would happen or what I would lose. I, however, have my father to thank for recommending Royal Moving to me. This time my mover delivered everything, from the smallest to the largest and from the lightest to the heaviest, in perfect condition. Royal Moving were suggested to me by my father, and I recommend them to everyone.
Local Moves, from Camas to Hillsboro
I was so impressed with the work these guys did today! Not only were they fantastic, they took excellent care of my things, and were super polite and friendly. I will definitely be using them again! Thank you so much for a job well done!!!!
Commercial, from Camas to Bellevue
Local Moves, from Orange County to Camas
Local Moves, Camas
Local Moves, from Camas to La Cañada Flintridge
These guys were incredible! I've never seen such a happy and upbeat group of movers. They definitely took the stress out of moving day and looked like they were having a good time! They took care of our furniture and everything arrived safely. I would definitely recommend them! Quick service and excellent quality of movers! Would choose again!
Local Moves, from Northridge to Camas
Local Moves, from Camas to Sherman Oaks
These guys made my move so easy. It was definitely the best moving experience I've ever had! Thanks so much for all your hard work and for being careful with all our things.
Local Moves, from Edmonds to Camas
Moving was made easy by these guys. Professional, quick and friendly. They took care of things and didn't damage anything.
Local Moves, from Costa Mesa to Camas
Local Moves, from Newport Beach to Camas
Local Moves, from Camas to Torrance
Local Moves, from Brentwood to Camas
I definitely will recommend you for anyone looking for professional, reliable, honest company
Local Moves, from Woodinville to Camas
Local Moves, from Los Angeles to Camas
Local Moves, from Camas to Manhattan Beach
Local Moves, from Camas to Irvine
Local Moves, from Milwaukie to Camas
Wow, very professional. Amazing speed. Explained everything and very careful with everything. Not afraid of stairs. Lifted some pretty heavy thing right up the stairs. Friendly, fast, hustle and very careful. No wall scuffs, no broken items. Super nice and trustworthy. I would highly recommend.
Plastic Boxes, from Camas to Anaheim
Local Moves, from Laguna Beach to Camas
Local Moves, from Santa Fe Springs to Camas
Deily movers were great, they were on time, professional, friendly, would use them again.
Local Moves, from Northridge to Camas
We have used Royal Moving 3 times in the past 5 years for different moves and each time they have been fantastic - our movers have always been quick, careful, courteous and friendly. They made the moving process so much easier and we highly recommend them!
Local Moves, from Redondo Beach to Camas
I highly recommend this moving company. They are the most professional movers I have ever used. They were on time, friendly, worked their tails off and most importantly did not damage any of my furniture. No worries about any of your stuff disappearing with this company. I recommend them for moves big and small!
Labor Only, from Camas to Studio City
Local Moves, from Camas to Redondo Beach
Long Distance, from Paramount to Camas
Local Moves, Camas
Used this company today! They were extremely flexible with me and polite! They worked with me & gave me a great rate as well! I would use them again for a small move!! :)
Local Moves, from Larchmont to Camas
Local Moves, from Camas to Houghton
Long Distance, from Mercer Island to Camas
Long Distance, Camas
Amazing movers! Definitely recommend. They were professional and so nice and made my move so easy! Will use them again when we move.
Local Moves, from Fairview to Camas
We give Royal Moving Moving & Storage a 5 Star Rating. Our two crew members, Dillon and Donovan B. were outstanding. Courteous, Friendly, Efficient. We would highly recommend them. I did not see their names on the list of crew individuals
Long Distance, from Hermosa Beach to Camas
they were great
Local Moves, from Vancouver to Camas
Local Moves, Camas
Local Moves, Camas
Local Moves, from Sammamish to Camas
Local Moves, from Clyde Hill to Camas
Great service and I love my new cue. People buying online have no idea the experience they are missing out on. These guys know their stuff.
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