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Local Moves, from Burbank to Bel Air
Royal is as professional and polite as they are hard working.
Local Moves, from Hancock Park to Bel Air
When you pay by the hour, you wonder if the moving crew draw out the clock, but that is not the case with Royal. They never stopped moving and never watched the clock. Great job!
Local Moves, from Costa Mesa to Bel Air
My moving crew was so kind and patient, and never complained despite having to follow a long, crazy route from the loading dock to my apartment.
Local Moves, from Bel Air to Canoga Park
We appreciate Royal's honest pricing and excellent service from start to finish.
Local Moves, from Hidden Hills to Bel Air
Everyone at Royal was a real pleasure. Kudos to my moving team because they truly made the move stress free!
Local Moves, from Glendale to Bel Air
Royal Moving worked quickly and carefully on both ends of the move without a break. I would 150% recommend them to anyone!
Local Moves, from Carson to Bel Air
Thanks Royal Moving for making this move so easy! Your moving team was superb!
Local Moves, Bel Air
I moved from Bel Air to BelM Air and Royal Moving did a perfect job.
Local Moves, from Brentwood to Bel Air
Royal moving was fast, nice and professional, and the moving crew was super cool.
Local Moves, Bel Air
I was so happy with the service, and Royal Moving offers the best prices in Bel Air.

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