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Should I hire Royal Moving & Storage Inc or organize the move myself?

Is Royal Moving & Storage Inc fully licensed?

Do I need an estimate for my moving needs?

How far in advance should I schedule my move?

Will you cancel my scheduled move if there is inclement weather?

What happens if I am not ready to move by my moving date?


What days or dates are the best for moving?

When will I be charged for my move?

Is moving labor the only moving expense I should expect during my move?

How can I keep my costs down during my move?

Can a family member or friend help on moving day to lower costs?

 Am I required to tip my movers?

Protection & Insurance:

Is valuation (moving insurance) necessary?

Will movers place my possessions in the room in which they belong?

Should I remove clothes and other items from dresser drawers and desk drawers?

Can I transport jewelry and important documents together with my other items?

What items can you NOT move?

During & After the move:

Will your moving crew arrange the furniture in my new home?

How big are your trucks?

Can I ride in the moving truck once the loading is complete?

Do the movers take lunch and break times?

Can your moving crew clean my old home on a moving day?

What do I do if I have items damaged in the move?

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