Moving from downtown LA to Inglewood

Are you thinking about moving from Downtown LA to Inglewood? If you are, in the following article, we will take a look at what you can expect after this move in terms of finance and the overall quality of life. Of course, Royal Moving CO will also show you how to organize the whole moving process so you can go through it as smoothly as possible.

Are you moving for financial reasons?

Most relocations these days happen because of finance. The cost of living throughout the country is skyrocketing and many people are looking for ways to lower them. Naturally, the most efficient way to lower your living costs is to relocate to a place where the cost of living isn’t that high. And when it comes to the cost of living, Downtown LA is known to be one of the most expensive places to live, not only in California but in the whole country as well. But do you really need to move somewhere far away in order to significantly lower your everyday expenses? Luckily, no.

There are parts of Los Angeles that offer a bigger bang for your buck than Downtown LA. And one of those places is Inglewood. So, before you start searching for reliable movers Inglewood CA, let’s take a look at what Inglewood looks like and what it has to offer in terms of living costs and overall quality of life.

counting cash before moving from downtown LA to Inglewood

Most people nowadays move because of finance

Living in Inglewood, CA

Inglewood is a suburb of Los Angeles with a population of 109,309. So in terms of population, it is twice as large as Downtown LA. It offers an urban-suburban mixed feel compared to Downtown LA, which offers a complete opposite, dense urban feel with many high buildings, lots of traffic, and a crowd. Inglewood is more of a quiet residential area with private homes, lots of parks, and green open spaces that you can enjoy if you are looking for outdoor activities. It has a friendly and welcoming community, people are polite and caring, houses are clean and well managed, and it is a very nice and enjoyable place to live.

Inglewood is also home to Hollywood Park horse-racing track, so you can also enjoy horse racing if you are into that. But you can also visit a local gym, some of the local restaurants, shopping centers, coffee shops, or enjoy in a movie theater. Inglewood also has a few tourist attractions, which make this place pretty enjoyable.  One of the biggest investments that really changed the face of Inglewood in recent years is the construction of SoFi Stadium, which is an extraordinary sports and entertainment center. It was built by Los Angeles Rams owner E. Stanley Kroenke. This is the first indoor-outdoor stadium ever built and it will be the home of the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams. So if you are into sports, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy after moving from Downtown LA to Inglewood.

Living in Inglewood is 11% cheaper than living in Downtown LA.

Now, we know that all this looks very appealing. But before you start searching for moving services Los Angeles, we should take a look at whether moving from Downtown LA to Inglewood is cost-effective. Luckily it will. Living in Inglewood is almost 11% cheaper than living in Downtown LA. For example, if we look at food and groceries like bread, local cheese, milk, eggs, etc. we see that they are way cheaper in Inglewood. If you like eating in restaurants, a dinner for two in Inglewood will cost you around $59.7. In Downtown LA the same meal will cost you $73.2. Generally, one person will need around $530 for food in Inglewood, while in Downtown LA the same person would need around $602. For a family of four in Inglewood this means $1378 per month for food – in Downtown LA around $1578.

Homes in Inglewood

Living in Inglewood is much cheaper than living in Downtown LA

Transportation costs in Inglewood vs. Downtown LA

Currently, the gasoline price in Inglewood at most gas stations is  $4.85 but you can find it even cheaper if you do not mind driving around town. On the other hand, in the same period, in July 2022, the gasoline price in Downtown LA was around $5.78. And you know how much gasoline price affects your monthly budget. If you are using public transportation, one ticket in Inglewood costs around $2.2 while in Downtown LA it is cheaper and it is around $1.77. On the other hand, if you get a monthly ticket you will go much cheaper in Inglewood. There a monthly transit pass is $57.1, while in Downtown LA is way more expensive - $96.5.

If you are more used to driving around using taxi, you will also move much cheaper after moving from Downtown LA to Inglewood. All this looks pretty appealing. However, before you actually start searching for local movers Los Angeles to help you relocate to Inglewood, we should take a look at housing and utility costs, which are, most of the time the biggest item in one’s monthly budget.

Housing costs and utilities in Inglewood and Downtown LA

Housing costs, particularly rent, are one of the most important things that drive people to move. And when we compare Downtown LA with Inglewood we see that you will have a much cheaper time after the move. For example, rent for a 1-bedroom 430 sq ft apartment in the city center in Inglewood is around $1259. The same apartment in Downtown LA will be somewhere in the range of $2067. A 3-bedroom  860 sq ft apartment in the city center of Inglewood costs around $2230. In Downtown LA that apartment will cost you around $3489. If you are looking to buy a home, know that homes in Inglewood are 20% cheaper. The median home value in Inglewood is $731,500. In Downtown LA, the median home value is $883,400. Mortgage interest rates are on the same level in both places.

gas meter

Utilities are actually cheaper in Downton LA. But not enough to make a significant difference

Still, even though we see a huge difference in home prices, don’t start searching for furniture movers Los Angeles just yet. When we look at utilities, we see that they are lower in Downtown LA is cheaper than in Inglewood. For example in Inglewood utility bill that includes, electricity, gas, water, and heating for one person is usually around $106, while in Downtown LA it is $93.5. If you live with a family, your utilities in Inglewood will probably be $163. Internet connection is also more expensive in Inglewood. A 50 Mbps unlimited will cost you $67.6 per month in Inglewood. In Downtown LA the same package costs around $62.8.

Entertainment costs comparison

We have gone through all essential living costs that you have to consider when moving from Downtown LA to Inglewood. However, life is not only about eating and sleeping. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the entertainment costs as well. If you like working out at the gym, you will find that it is much cheaper to stay in good shape when you are living in Inglewood. The monthly gym membership in Downtown LA is $60.5 while in Inglewood, you will be able to visit your gym for only $38.8 per month. A cinema ticket in Inglewood is $11, while in Downtown LA it’s around $16.

If you want a new haircut, in Inglewood it will cost you only $16.5 compared to the $31 that you had to pay in Downtown LA. A new pair of jeans in Inglewood costs around $43.7, much less than $57 which is the price in Downtown LA. And that is all there is to know when it comes to living costs comparison between Inglewood and Downtown LA. Now let’s take a look at how to find good apartment movers Los Angeles and actually relocate to Inglewood.

sofi stadium

Entertainment is cheaper in Inglewood. And you have new SoFi stadium to enjoy as well

Start by preparing a moving plan

Even though there are only 18 miles from Downtown LA to Inglewood, you still need to prepare well and find reliable house movers Los Angeles to help you. As far as your preparation goes, you will need to start with a good moving plan. Plan everything from day one until the day you enter your new Inglewood home. And remember, that time is crucial. The more time you have to prepare, the easier the move will be.

Declutter before moving from Downtown LA to Inglewood

If you want to ease your move and make it cheaper, the best thing would be to get rid of unnecessary items. Everyone has items that are rarely used and that are only taking up precious space. Those items will be an unnecessary burden during a move and will make your move more expensive as well. If you want, you can sell those items or donate them to charity. Or simply call some junk removal service to assist you.

decluttering before moving from downtown LA to Inglewood

Remove excess items that will slow you down and make your move more expensive

Make a list of items you plan to move to Inglewood

Once you get rid of the junk, make a list of all the items that you plan to move from Downtown LA to Inglewood. This list will allow moving companies to give you free moving estimates online. And you can use it to check your items upon delivery. A moving inventory list can also help you determine the number of moving boxes you will need if you decide not to hire packing services Los Angeles and pack on your own. Otherwise, the packers will handle that part as well.

Prepare a moving budget to prevent overspending during a move

If you are relocating from Downtown LA to Inglewood because of financial reasons surely you would like to lower your moving costs as well. And you cannot do that without a moving budget. So make sure that you do your calculations in order to prevent overspending during the moving process.

How to find reliable and affordable movers in LA

Now that you prepared a moving inventory list and a moving budget, and got rid of the junk, you can start searching for a moving company to help you. Now, even though you are preparing for a local move, you shouldn’t take it lightly. There are many things that could go wrong so its pretty important to find a moving company that is reliable and has experience with these types of moves. Of course, the more services they offer the better. Still, you do not have to hire a full moving service if you don’t want to.

using laptop to find movers

Do your research in order to find reliable movers. They will make this moving process much simpler

You can hire labor only service Los Angeles to help you with the most difficult tasks. And you can do the rest. This way you will significantly lower your moving cost. But you will have to invest some physical effort into it. Whatever you choose, our suggestion is to find a few moving companies that look reliable and provide services that you need and ask for their quotes online. Then, simply compare their offers. And hire a moving company that will help you relocate from Downtown Los Angeles to Inglewood.

Make sure that you organize your move properly if you want this to be a successful story

Those are the things you need to know before moving from Downtown LA to Inglewood. As you can see, your living costs will significantly decrease after the move. But, you will have to make sure that you organize the move properly in order to fully enjoy your stay in the city of Inglewood. Good luck!

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