How to pack glassware before moving

Moving is a stressful time for most of us. It requires a lot of planning, time organization, and excellent packing skills. If you are worried you won't be able to properly pack glassware before moving, we are here to help. Your safest bet when it comes to packing fragile items is to hire reliable movers from moving and storage Los Angeles has at its disposal. But, if you choose to pack everything yourself and have the movers load the moving truck and help you relocate, we are here to help you. Learn how to pack fragile items in the best way possible and enjoy a stress-free relocation. There's nothing better than the relief you'll get knowing your glassware is safe in transit when you move.

Pack glassware before moving and enjoy a smooth relocation

Making sure your belongings are safe and properly packed is a priority when you move. Packing breakable items such as glassware is a bit more complex than packing your clothes for example. However, with a few simple steps, you will be able to protect your fragile possessions in an optimal way to prevent damage. Here's how to do it:

  • get enough packing supplies
  • buy the right size boxes
  • pad each box abundantly
  • pack your glassware carefully
  • top off the boxes with packing paper before taping them shut

Stock up on packing supplies

Packing is no one's favorite part of moving. But, if you're packing by yourself before the residential movers Los Angeles arrive, you have to get enough packing supplies. To best protect your glassware, it's crucial to stock up on bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing peanuts. You can also make use of styrofoam corner protectors, but you can also make those of cardboard. Skip using newspapers to pack glassware, since the ink from the paper can transfer onto the glass and it can be hard to remove. If you're moving on a budget, you can use your sheets, blankets, and even pillows and socks as padding or protective layers for the glass items.

bubble wrap

Stock up on bubble wrap when you pack glassware before moving.

Get the right boxes

The size of your boxes matters when you pack fragile, breakable items. While you might be tempted to get the big ones and put as much as you can in a single box, it's best to opt for smaller boxes. That way you will be able to put fewer items in a single box, and the chances of them breaking are significantly lower than if you were to put more items in one big box. There are also specially shaped boxes for mirrors or framed artwork, so also get enough of those if you're not hiring movers Sherman Oaks to pack your household. The best thing you can do to prevent wasting money on more boxes than you need is to make a detailed list. If you're not sure how many you need, there are great online calculators to give you a rough estimate.

Pad the boxes abundantly

After getting enough protective packing supplies, it's time to pack your glassware. The first step is to add padding to each box. Add a thick layer of packing paper to the bottom of each box. Although you might think that wrapping your glassware in bubble wrap is enough, that's not always the case. The boxes can tip over and fall in the moving truck, and if they're not padded properly, your belongings can break despite being wrapped in bubble wrap. If you don't have packing paper, you can also use a thin pillow, a small blanket, your sheets, sweaters, towels, or anything soft and fluffy that can make a thick enough layer of padding.

man and woman packing

Padding the boxes with packing paper, bubble wrap or other soft materials is crucial.

Pack your glassware carefully

After padding all your boxes, the next step is packing your glass items. When packing glasses, make sure to wrap them individually in several layers of bubble wrap. Choose small bubble wrap for the best protection. You can put a pair of clean socks inside each glass before wrapping it to ensure even better protection. The same goes for vases and any oddly-shaped glass items you have. If you are putting glass items on top of each other in a single box, make sure to put the heavier ones on the bottom such as glass baking dishes or heavy vases. You want the most fragile items such as wine glasses to be on top.

For mirrors and framed artwork, it's best to have specially shaped boxes we already mentioned. Before putting the items in the box, make an "X" shaped mark across the glass surface using packing tape. Next, protect the corners of the mirror or frame using styrofoam or cardboard pieces. After that, it's ready to be wrapped in packing paper and bubble wrap and put into the box.

Make sure there is no extra room in the boxes before you seal them

Before taping your boxes shut, make sure there is no extra space in them. After you put in your wrapped glass items, fill the remaining space with packing paper or packing peanuts. Then you can jiggle the box to make sure there are no clinking sounds. If you hear clinking that means you didn't pack something properly and it's best to find out what before you close the box. When you're certain everything is well protected, tape the box shut and label it "fragile" so the movers know to handle it carefully.

woman writing on a box

Labeling your boxes properly is an essential part of packing glassware.

Hiring professional packers is the best way to make sure your glassware is safe and properly packed

Having professionals by your side is the best way to have a stress-free move. You will be able to relax knowing that packing experts are handling your fragile glassware. Keep in mind that some things are easily replaceable. So, unless you are emotionally attached to your vases, glass dishes, or glasses, consider selling or donating them to Goodwill and getting new ones after the move. After all, even though you pack your glassware before moving properly, or hire professionals to do it, your time is much more valuable than a set of glasses. Don't waste precious time unnecessarily. Get rid of anything that's not essential, and hire movers to handle everything else!

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