How to help elderly people move from West Los Angeles to Pasadena

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We all know that moving isn’t always easy. And when elderly people have to move – they can feel sad and like they are backed into a corner. Preparing and talking with elderly people about their relocation is one of the most important things that you need to do. If you want to help elderly people move from West Los Angeles to Pasadena you need to be patient, and you need to be there for them. This can be a great way to connect with them, learn more about them, and a unique opportunity to make relocation fun!

If you want to help elderly people move – preparation is the key

One of the most important steps in preparing seniors for the move is preparation. The first thing that you need to do is to talk with them about every aspect of their relocation. Although West LA is not far away from Pasadena  – everything is different. Pasadena is much calmer, more friendly, and less crowded. They will probably love the change of pace, especially if they are moving to a retirement home. Talk with them and ask them what do they expect from the relocation, how do they feel and what can you do the help them.

young people celebrating relocation after they help elderly people move
Make the relocation something they will look forward to

Keep in mind that there are a lot of moving companies West Los Angeles that can assist you with the relocation of elderly people. They usually offer great deals and discounts. Hiring professionals to deal with packing and relocation itself will leave you plenty of time to spend with your elders.

Plan ahead to ease the stress

Planning everything ahead is a key to a successful move of elderly people. For example, you can ask for a floor plan for a new home. You can show them to your senior and talk with them about arranging their home. Get the exact measurements of every room, where are the windows. All those things will help you to determine what items you should keep and which ones should be donated or sold. Also, movers Pasadena CA will give you a better price, and you can talk with them and arrange how they will bring the furniture inside from the moving truck. Planning everything ahead will help elderly people imagine themselves in their new home.

One of the best things to do to help elderly people move is to start the relocation process ASAP

Changing your home, your whole life isn’t easy. A lot of things in your home have sentimental value and it can be challenging to leave them behind. Imagine how your seniors feel – deciding what will they keep and what will they leave behind. Those are not easy decisions. That is why the best way to assist elderly people to move from West Los Angeles to Pasadena is to start the relocation process ASAP. You should schedule the moving date with reliable movers Los Angeles in advance, but you need to start everything else sooner. If you rush everything on seniors they will feel trapped, resentful and the whole relocation will be much harder. Give them time to process everything and say goodbye to their home.

person showing documents to elderly
Talk with your seniors, help them cope with the relocation

Help your seniors declutter their home

One of the hardest tasks will be decluttering. This is a part of their relocation where you will have to be very careful and patient. Your seniors will need help, but at the same time, they will need some space. You will have to give them enough time to process everything. Helping elderly people relocate can be demanding and requires a lot of patience. You can help them to create different piles for their items:

  • The keep pile – they can place all the items they plan to keep there
  • The maybe pile – this pile can be used to place all of the items that they are still not sure do they want to keep
  • Donate/sell/throw away pile – place all the items they don’t need anymore.

You will probably be tempted to throw away a lot of things, and you might feel anxious. But let them sort their belongings at a pace they feel comfortable with. Suggest them to think again if they keep putting everything into a maybe pile. But don’t pressure them. You can search for a place to donate all of those items. It also can help seniors to say goodbye to their belongings easier. Knowing that they will be useful for someone else will help them be calmer and happier about leaving their belongings behind.

Ask for help with packing

If you feel overwhelmed you should ask for help. You can easily find packing services Los Angeles to assist you with packing an elderly home. That way you will also help elderly people move and make the whole relocation much easier. Professional packers will pack everything in no time. You can use that time to talk with your seniors and help them accept the relocation. You can make plans for their new home. Or you can simply take a walk around their old neighborhood.

seniors packing their items
Ask professionals to help you with packing

Not only do you need to help elderly people move – but you also should help them settle in

Once Los Angeles interstate movers are done with the relocation, you should stay and help your elderly settle in after the relocation. Help them arrange their new home similar to their old one. Help them put up photos. Make it easier for them to adjust to their new home. If it is possible – get their friends and family to visit them. If not – set up a video call so they can show their new home to their loved ones. It is important to help them feel at home. If they feel uncertain or scared – talk with them. Help them to learn more about their new neighbors and neighborhood, so they can feel better. Be patient and calm. And step by step your seniors will love their new home!

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