Facts you should know about living in Long Beach CA

Is living in Long Beach CA on your radar as a potential new home? Located in southern California, this Pacific Coast city is a fantastic place to live, with a wide variety of community events, easy access to the beach, and a lot of moving companies, like movers Los Angeles, which can help you for an easy move. Located about 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, the port city of Long Beach is a well-known destination for ships traveling via the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. The city, which has a population of about 500,000, has an urban but small-town vibe, friendly neighbors, and a rich cultural heritage that residents can enjoy. In addition to being a California coastal gem, Long Beach also has a dynamic retail and dining scene, an interesting nightlife, and a wide variety of things to do both indoors and outdoors.

Cost of living in Long Beach CA

  • It's important to be prepared for the high cost of living if you've always wanted to live in California. Compared to the national average, the cost of living in Long Beach CA is around 43 percent higher. In terms of cost of living, Long Beach isn't the most expensive or the least expensive city in California. In spite of its location in southern California and proximity to other expensive cities, Long Beach is considered one of the most expensive cities in the United States, even though it is cheaper than Los Angeles and 29% cheaper than New York City.
  • Middle- and lower-income workers make up the majority of the city's population, with a few rich residents. As a matter of fact, the cost of a home in Long Beach is 127% higher than the national average. Energy costs are up 8%, transportation expenses 31%, and food prices 12% over the national average at the same time. For a single adult to be able to afford to live in Long Beach, they need to make around $20 per hour. With three kids, you'll need to earn at least $70 an hour in order to make ends meet. The average annual salary for a family of four in Long Beach is approximately $130,000.

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There are loads of options to choose from if you decide on living in Long Beach CA

A lot of job opportunities

As the job market while living in Long Beach CA grows, so does the number of career paths open to its citizens in fields including education, aerospace, technology, health care, and business. Many of Long Beach's major employers are located in and around the city, including Boeing, Frontier Communications, California State University-Long Beach, and Long Beach Transit. For governance, environmental protection, and homeland security, Long Beach's Port is a popular place. Long Beach is a great place to work in the IT industry because of the presence of companies like Zwift and Laserfiche. Just be sure to check up on the Better Business Bureau before anything else.

A good option for students

What are your educational goals? There is a California State University in Long Beach (CSULB)! One of the best institutions in the United States for undergraduate education in fields including law, education, engineering, the arts, and health and human services is this public university. A wide range of degrees are available at CSULB, including criminology and criminal justice, and marketing. Besides academics, CSULB offers a well-developed Division I athletics program that includes sports like football and basketball. The Center for International Student Education (CISE) and the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) are two more student organizations that students can join. while moving isn't an easy job for anyone, furniture movers Los Angeles can help you a lot with all the bulky furniture and speed up your move tremendously.

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Long Beach CA is very urbanized so you won't have problems in that regard

Beautiful weather

  • Long Beach, California has a steppe climate which means that it experiences brief and warm summers as well as cold winters throughout the year. The average annual temperature of Farenheight is 62 degrees. With an average daily temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit, August is the hottest month of the year. From November to March, the country experiences its coldest weather, with an average daily temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit recorded in December. Low temperatures (under 42 degrees Fahrenheit) prevent snow from falling in Long Beach. As a result, moving from a cold climate means you won't need to pack a snow shovel or heavy winter clothing.
  • Long Beach, with its 210 nice days a year, has little rain. While June is the city's wettest month, Long Beach receives only 13 inches of rain per year. Long Beach, as well as the rest of California, is in the midst of a severe drought, and this lack of precipitation may give residents more time to enjoy the sun and outdoor activities. Residents are encouraged to reduce their water consumption by keeping track of how much water they use and only taking short showers.

A good place for retiring

One of the most affordable beach cities to retire in is Long Beach. The city's 55-84-year-old population has necessitated the construction of a number of retirement homes and top-notch medical facilities, such as the Long Beach Medical Center and St. Mary Medical Center. That doesn't mean that this California retirement community doesn't have everything you're looking for! To begin a new journey, fly out of Long Beach Airport. Join the Walking Club at the Long Beach Senior Center and get some exercise. Play one of Long Beach's five golf courses and shoot a low score. Consider taking advantage of the activities offered by the senior centers in Long Beach or El Dorado Park West. If you are retired consider hiring movers Long Beach CA for help while moving.

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There are a lot of new things to experience waiting for you

In conclusion

There are 462,081 people living in Long Beach CA, California, according to the most recent census. The city of Long Beach may be found in Los Angeles County. There is an urban and suburban feel to Long Beach, with most residents renting their homes. Long Beach has a wide variety of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Long Beach is a liberal city with a large population of families and young professionals. As a whole, the public schools in Long Beach are above average.

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