Important Things to Know and Do When Moving Out

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Coordinating a move from one residence to another involves so many details that it’s quite common to overlook important tasks. Even if you have a checklist and you think you have everything covered, there are things that slip through the cracks or things that you would never even consider doing. When you’re aware of your impending move to a new residence, it’s crucial to be mindful of essential tasks and information that require immediate attention. One of the things that can definitely help is to hire Royal Moving & Storage Inc, the company residents highly recommend, and that will make your move a lot easier. If you want to learn more about the important things to know and do when moving out, continue reading this article.

What Are the Important Things to Know and Do When Moving Out

Moving to a new home can be both exciting and challenging. To ensure a smooth transition, there are essential factors to consider and actions to take as you prepare to move out:

  • Find a moving company
  • Choose your moving date wisely
  • Save your time and rent moving containers
  • Downsize to make your move easier 
  • Find someone to take care of your pets and your kids 
  • Always pack an essentials box 
  • Notify people about your move
People standing and talking about important things to know and do when moving out
Make a good plan and prepare for all the steps for the move.

Always research moving company options

The most important thing to do before hiring a moving company is to do substantial research and hire a professional well before your move-out date. As your moving date draws nearer, your available choices become significantly limited, leading to a potential logistical nightmare. You might find yourself in a situation where you must select a moving company solely based on their availability, disregarding their reputation or pricing, which can escalate if you require immediate service.

Moreover, securing your desired moving date and time may become increasingly challenging as you approach the last minute. To circumvent these challenges, it’s advisable to start researching and gathering moving quotes as soon as you have a confirmed move-out date. Many moving companies charge by the hour, so it’s essential to pay attention to the efficiency of their movers when reading reviews. Hire moving services Los Angeles residents prefer, but just check what you need exactly. Additionally, scrutinize the reviews to identify any unexpected extra charges, such as fees for handling stairs, heavy or bulky furniture, or extended distances from parking areas to your old or new residence.

Sometimes, the lowest initial quote doesn’t translate to the most economical choice in the long run. It’s often worth seeking out flat-fee moving companies that guarantee an all-inclusive price without hidden fees. Royal Moving stands out for those in the Los Angeles area by offering comprehensive pricing that covers all aspects of your move, a rarity in today’s market.

Choose your moving date wisely

The expenses associated with moving can vary due to the season, the day of the week, and the specific time. Moving company rates are lowest between September and May because there is less demand, so moving to a new residence during the fall and winter is smart. This can result in a potential reduction of your moving expenses by as much as 30 percent.

Furthermore, opting for a move during the middle of the week typically comes at a lower cost than scheduling it for Fridays or weekends when demand is higher. Suppose you are billed on an hourly basis for your move. In that case, it’s advisable to plan your relocation for midday rather than during the morning or afternoon rush hours to steer clear of heavy traffic, which could lead to longer moving durations and increased costs. Lastly, consider scheduling your move for the middle of the month, as moving companies tend to have fewer customers during this time, unlike the beginning or end of the month when most people opt to move. This timing choice could yield cost savings as well.

People shaking hands
Choose your moving date wisely and book your movers on time.

Saving money and time by renting moving containers

Whether you hire a moving company or do the move yourself, you are going to need an assortment of packing containers. Typically, you will need 20-35 boxes for a one-bedroom house, and 10-15 more boxes for each additional bedroom in your residence. You can score free boxes from local spots like liquor and grocery stores or online via Freecycle and Craigslist. Start gathering boxes a few weeks before your move to ensure you’ve got enough.

But here’s a smarter move: rent purpose-built plastic containers for moving. Free cardboard boxes can cost you if they break and damage your stuff. Cardboard can be flimsy, and collecting 30-50 takes time and money. For an affordable option, try renting plastic moving boxes from your local movers in LA. It saves time and money and relieves stress because these sturdy containers don’t fall apart or get squished. They’re also waterproof, safeguarding your items on rainy moving days.

Downsize before your move to save and make money

As you’re preparing for your relocation, one of the important things to know and do when moving out is downsizing. Sell or donate rarely used items to avoid packing and moving them. Consider hosting a garage sale, an online yard sale on Craigslist or other platforms, or take lightly used items to a consignment store. Moving those unused items costs time and extra money. You might even make enough money from these sales to cover your move or invest in new furniture for your new home.

Ditch the rarely used stuff, as it’s easier to downsize during the moving process than at any other time. It is crucial to know these important things and do them when moving out. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, consider opting for the packing service Los Angeles can provide. Packing is a big task, and it will be a lot easier if you have a skilled team to help you handle it. 

A couple surrounded by boxes
Relocation is the perfect time to downsize and get rid of some items.

If there are still things you want to keep, or you are unsure what to do with them, there is a great solution, too. You can find a storage Los Angeles movers usually offer. It will keep your items safe until you figure out what you want to do with them. 

Adequately label your containers

Most people forget to label their containers, but that is among the most important things to know and do when moving out. Start packing a few weeks ahead of your move. Begin with items in storage and off-season clothing. Gradually move on to less frequently used items, like those in your spare room, guest bedroom, or garage. Pack the items you use regularly in the final days before your move. While packing, snap photos inside each fully packed box before sealing it. Utilize color-coded labels, assigning a unique color to each room. Leave space on the label for specific box details. This way, you and your movers know precisely where each box belongs, making it hassle-free. You’ll also identify the boxes to open first for immediate needs and which can wait.

Take care of your kids

It’s easy for kids to feel a bit neglected in the middle of the hustle of planning your move. When you find a new residence, and begin to plan your move, start with your children’s concerns first. They need to continue their daily routine as much as possible from the day you decide to move until the move is complete. Maintaining their daily routines eases your kids’ anxiety, assuring them that only their address changes. The stress of a move can affect children, making them feel like their world is unraveling. Protect their emotions and mental well-being.

A girl and mummy drawing on moving boxes
Help your kids adapt to the fact that you are moving.

Furthermore, visit your child’s new school, complete the registration, and ensure you have their necessary immunization records, medical documentation, or educational accommodations. Childcare considerations may arise, such as after-school or full-day care. If you need a new daycare center or a nanny, extensive research is essential to find the right fit for you and your child, especially since top childcare centers often have limited space and waiting lists.

Plan these aspects ahead of your move to benefit the youngest members of your household. For a smooth transition, consider enlisting residential movers Los Angeles locals trust the most. Each step you plan well and do on time will help you relocate smoothly.

Don’t forget about your pets

Pets are often seen as highly adaptable, which can lead to them being overlooked during a move. This is especially true when you’re focused on easing your child’s anxiety or dealing with your stress. However, your pets also feel the tension and may require extra care or even prescribed medication to navigate the move smoothly. So, one of the most important things to know and do when moving out is to consult your veterinarian regarding steps to safeguard your pet’s emotional well-being during the transition. Also, ensure you have their immunization records for the new veterinarian.

During the move, consider boarding your pet in a kennel or entrust them to a reliable friend or family member to keep them content while you manage all aspects of moving day. Additionally, your pet might experience instability until it adjusts to the new home. So, have their favorite toys and beds readily available to provide familiar comforts, reducing their stress in the new environment. If you are moving across the state, this can be stressful for your pet. So, while your Los Angeles interstate movers handle moving tasks, you care for your pet. Your pet will be grateful.

Always pack an essentials box

Prepare an essentials box, one of the last boxes you pack. Label it as “essential” to ensure it’s readily accessible when you’re ready to settle in on your first night at your new home. This survival container should include a change of clothes for each member of your family. Don’t forget power cables, chargers, and remotes for your electronic devices. Pack toiletries, including a towel, shower curtain, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, and shampoo. You will need sheets and pillows, and if you use an alarm clock other than your phone’s alarm, it should also go in this box.

A box and scissors next to it
It is crucial to prepare the essentials box for the move.

The essentials box should also include eating utensils and plates, and you might consider exposable options like plastic ware, paper plates, and paper towels, so you do not have to do dishes right away. In addition, include cleaning wipes and garbage bags. You may require tools like screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, and pliers for assembly or emergencies. Additionally, pack some snacks, and food for the evening and morning, as well as necessary prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Notify people and companies about your move

It’s crucial to update key institutions with your new address for various reasons. Notify your car insurance provider to ensure accurate rates based on your new neighborhood. Inform your bank, phone carrier, and the United States Postal Service by filling out a change of address form to receive your mail. Don’t forget to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration to avoid potential fines.

Also, remember to cancel gym and social club memberships that are no longer conveniently located near your new home to avoid unnoticed recurring charges. Lastly, transfer your auto-fill prescriptions to a pharmacy closer to your new residence for added convenience. These steps are vital for a smooth transition when changing your address.

A girl with a laptop
Important things to know and do when moving out – inform all relevant people that you are moving.

Make Your New House a Home

To make your new house feel like home, as a family, get a new piece of furniture to signify the transition, or plant a tree or flowers in your yard together. Introduce yourself to as many neighbors as you can and inquire about their preferred grocery stores, restaurants, nearby medical practitioners, schools, and any children they may have. Find your “new” favorite restaurant by visiting a few places in your new area during the first week, and find the neighborhood parks. These things will reduce anxiety for you and your family and begin to make your new house feel like home. These are important things to know and do when moving out. Hopefully, with professional movers and our tips, you will have a successful relocation. 

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