4 Reasons to Move to Phoenix

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4 Reasons to Move to Phoenix


Phoenix home buyers are drawn to Arizona’s famous capital for a reason. In addition to copious amounts of sun year round, residents have great access to the outdoors, a reasonable cost of living, and the opportunity for a well rounded life. Below, we’ll discuss all the ways you’d benefit from purchasing a home in Phoenix. 


1. Access to the outdoors

Since Phoenix is in the Sonoran Desert and is cut in half by the Salt River, you have incredible access to nature. If you’re the adrenaline junkie type, you’ll be able to find plenty of bike trails, hiking routes, hot air balloons, or river rafting you’d ever need. If you’re a sports junkie, you’ll absolutely want to take advantage of the large NASCAR scene, 200 golf courses, Chase Field, and Spring Training festivities. 

2. Manageable cost of living

Living comfortably in Phoenix is very manageable, especially in comparison to other major US cities. Phoenix consistency scores lower on surveys that measure the cost of living. The city is also the corporate headquarters of five Fortune 500 companies, big time businesses which have helped Phoenix secure a thriving economy. 


3. Reliable transportation

The Light Rail transit system is safe and reliable for those who factor ease and cost of public transportation in their moving decision. You’re also likely to find that you have a bike- friendly commute. 


4. A vibrant cultural scene

Highlights include the Arizona Opera Company, a NASCAR scene, the best Mexican food north or Tijuana, and an enormous selection of nightclubs, comedy clubs and dive bars. There’s something for everyone! 

Corey Tyner is a writer and business owner who helps sell your house fast. He is the founder of Cash land buyers Arizona and Austin Fast Sell Home Buyers. As one of the top real estate investors in Arizona with over a decade of experience, his work has been featured on Bigger Pockets, Real Estate Agent Magazine, and several other mainstream real estate investor publications.


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