About Royal Moving Company

Royal Moving Company has been around since 2012 and provides customers in California and other states with all-out help during relocation. Our team is well-trained to perform:

  • Apartment moves
  • Local moves
  • House moves
  • Office moves
  • Long-distance moves.

No matter how far you go, our team will accompany you at every step and every mile. We offer different types of vehicles for moving depending on the distance and the number of boxes.

Our services include all you may need:

  1. We sell packing supplies and provide them for free when customers move with us.
  2. Our movers pack items and protect them against harm.
  3. We load stuff in the truck and unpack things in the destination place.
  4. Our professional drivers move stuff at any distance.
  5. Don’t worry about discarding things - we can take care of them.
  6. We provide storage for customers’ itexms, both short- and long-term.
  7. Finally, we take care of the trash that’s left in your house.

The Royal Moving Company offers the level of service you deserve. After having been in the market for so long, we gained experience of handling things and relocating to any distances. Since our headquarters is situated in California, this is a great choice for professional moving from LA to SF.

You can trust any step of your moving process to our team and rest assured that every single thing will get to the destination in its original condition.

What makes Royal Moving Company a perfect option?

We offer fair prices and no hidden fees. You know exactly how much you will pay and won’t have to doubt the safety of your items and delivery deadlines. We live up to customers’ expectations.

Royal Moving is fully licensed, bonded and insured. In case of unknown unknowns, you can count on our support and compensation, if that ever gets necessary. You will see that relocation can be stress-free and easy.

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